Stanozolol: How Important Is It & Do You Need One? [2019]

Stanozolol is by a long shot a standout amongst the most well known anabolic supplements ever.

Stanozolol is by far also the oldest steroid we had in industry till date, its origin is since 1950’s and the most common brand name of it is Winstrol produced by Winthrop Laboratories.

stanozolol Steroids

This name is still the most famous among all.

Stanozolol is a synthetic hormone which is considered the favorite choice of many sports folks and body builders for years.

Stanzolol have also been used in pharmaceutical industries for a long time as a therapeutic agent for many diseases, stanozolol is commonly used in treatment of following  diseases;  muscle wasting disease, bone fractures, slow growth in children, osteoporosis and hormonal obesity.

These medical uses make it famous in non-steroid users as well.

How Stanozolol is different from others?

Stanozolol falls in the category of DHT (dihydrotestosterones) based anabolic steroids.

DHT is converted in stanozolol by two structural changes in its chain, these changes include addition of two groups at different places one is a pyrazol group and other is methyl group.

This addition gives us stanozolol as an end product, this change in structure influence the working of stanozolol in a better way.

By this addition the anabolic activity of stanozolol is increased and a vast reduction in androgenic features of stanozolol is seen.

Both of these traits are in the favor of consumers.

Is Stanozolol legal?

Yes, it is because this is the supplement which is FDA approved since decades.

Stanozolol is accessible worldwide on both the pharmaceutical and illegal businesses, the responsible and well planned usage of it will benefit everyone.

Another factor which shows it’s safe to use stanozolol is it’s a well known therapeutic agent as well and have been aiding in medical industry from many years.

But before starting with stanozolol supplement go through with your medical records and look into all the precautions needed to be taken before stanozolol use to make sure your journey with stanozolol is safe.

How Stanozolol Works?

This medication is utilized by numerous competitors around the globe including ladies and even youngsters.

Stanozolol before and after
Stanozolol Results before and after

On account of its impacts on quality and fit muscle, cutting fat, and killing the extra water weight, jocks made it a standout amongst the most well known anabolic medications.

Stanozolol works in various directions to help you achieve your goals to getting ripped body.

Following changes can be seen after stanozolol use:

1. Increased stamina:

Stanozolol increases the stamina by increasing red blood cell in body.

High amount of red blood cells increase the oxygen consumption in body which eventually boost the stamina of individuals.

2. Increased protein synthesis:

Stanozolol also boost the building of protein in body.

Protein is the building block for muscles and nitrogen is necessary for protein synthesis.

Stanozolol also increase the nitrogen retention in the body which helps in building of more protein.

Nitrogen retention is also important to give enhanced muscle mass after work out and absence of good amount of nitrogen can result in muscle degeneration after work out.

This makes nitrogen retention a power full trait.

3. Makes more free testosterone available:

Stanozolol indirectly amplifies the number of free testosterones by reducing SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in body.

SBHG binds with testosterones and decrease the number of available testosterones.

Whereas, stanozolol decrease SBHG in body by which testosterones becomes available this enhance the working of other steroids and stanozole as well.

Stanozolol cycle

Oral Stanozolol cycles (tablets) would likely choose an everyday oral dosage of 5 to 10mg.

dosages of Stanozolol

Doses of 50mg 3 to 4 days per week are normal when taken stanozolol by injectable form.

Whereas for beginners of steroids or new consumers of stanozolol its best to stick with low doses and then increase it gradually.

Many consumers are tempted to high doses but potential high doses of stanozolol are of no advantage at all.

However, high doses of stanozolol link with high risk of hepato toxicity and severe liver damages.

1. Guide for men:

The standard dose of 50 mg is considered for good results.

In case of athletes 25 mg – 50 mg is a good enough dose to stack up with.

The duration of cycle is 8 weeks longer than this time period will be hazardous for once.

Some professionals might increase dose upto 100 mg.

2. Guide for women:

The maximum dose for women is 10 mg and duration of cycle is 4 weeks.

Because higher doses and long term use of stanozolol can cause virilization.

The range of dose women can use preferably is 5 mg – 10 mg.

Stanozolol Dosages

The doses for bulking cycle and cutting cycle are different.

Whereas, stanozolol’s standard dose is 50-100mg each other day or every day.

Higher doses will definitely increase the chance of side effects.

But, professional weight lifters can utilize around 200mg every day, except this isn’t recommended because of the negative effect on cholesterol levels and liver capacity.

Oral Stanozolol and injectable Stanzolol are pretty much same in effects.

What are Stanozolol Side Effects?

Every steroid discovered till date has some pros and cons as well.

side effects of Stanozolol

Stanozolol belong to this and have some side effects too.

But these side effects can be minimized by following proper guide lines and responsible use of stanozolol.

1. Ladies Specific Changes

Ladies may encounter issues with their menstrual cycles.

The most faced side effect is virilization which means development of men like characters.

2. Basic Mild Side Effects

While anabolic supplements can cause numerous genuine reactions, they can likewise cause minor symptoms as well which includes; Hyper sensitive responses, pimples, variation in sex drive and joint pains in some cases.

3. Cardiovascular Issues

You may encounter issues with your cardiovascular framework.

For instance, a few people have revealed Stanozolol causing water retention. High water retention can result in hypertension.

4. Jaundice or hepatitis

Taking excessively Stanzolol or having a debilitated invulnerable framework can prompt the development of jaundice or even cholestasis hepatitis.

5. Urinary Tract and Penile issues

Manhandling Stanzolol has prompted a few people creating issues with their urinary tract, their penis, or both.

Abnormal states can decrease sperm count and significantly diminish discharge volume.

6. Testosterone Suppression

Stanozolol can restrain the body from producing testosterones naturally. Endogenous testosterone will be stifled with Stanozolol use when utilized alone.

Different issues are related with the decrease in common testosterone in body it can makes one feeling discouraged, restless, and having an absence of vitality for the duration of the day.

7. Renal Complications

Edema can come about because of taking excessively Stanzolol or taking it for a really long time.

With Edema comes maintenance of calcium alongside different chemicals.

8. Liver Issues

Stanzolol can have reaction on the liver, and it bears saying one final time in the symptoms classification.

Basically, taking Stanzolol mistakenly can bring about forever harming the usefulness of your liver.

Matching Stanzolol with liquor and substantial drinking can exacerbate it notwithstanding, prompting things like liver disappointment.

How to Purchase Stanozolol Online?

The recommended and most easy way to buy stanozolol is online.

But online buying comes up with many other risks as well.

Stanozolol results

It is reported many times that online sites turned out to be a scam, it can also happen that product is diluted or the dose mention on it isn’t right.

In U.S the online buying of stanozolol is illegal and you cannot buy stanozolol without a prescription.

As miss use of this steroid can result in mortality.

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Stanozolol turns out to be a good steroid as it is FDA approved but still comes with a warning of accountable and cautious use.

To make sure you are gaining from it not loosing.

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