Winstrol Dosage: Effects & Results Revealed [2019]

Winstrol dosage, it is time to find out fact! Happy Learning 🙂

Asking for Winstrol dosage is nothing new, but most of the performance enhancers are still not sure how to go about it.

Winstrol benefits
Winstrol Benefits

Using this compound in the right way is indeed possible to optimize the results that you can expect from this fat burning steroid.

However, the real scenario is that getting always a clear cut answer is not possible and most of the time details are not easy to comprehend when you are new to this field.

This is the case not only with Stanozolol but with most of the anabolic steroids.

Different anabolic steroids have different dosage range. Well, most of the time, these below factors matter

  • How harsh that anabolic steroid is
  • What is the half-life of it?
  • The method of administration
  • The purpose of using that steroid

Good News:

The good part is Winstrol dosage is easy to figure out and follow.

Winstrol for sale
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It is mainly due to the fact that these dosages are entirely consistent. Thus, it is a pure steroid that you can go for.

After all, there are not many changes that take place even when you are using it for different purposes.

Winstrol dosage for different level Users

Beginner dosage Range:

Beginner’s injectable dose range is 50 mg every alternate day, and in terms of a week, it is around 200 mg /week.

However, users that are keen to dramatic performance and physique usually aim for a stack where they use some other anabolic steroids as well with Winstrol.

Stanozolol before and after
Winstrol Results

The point here is, Winstrol stacking with Testosterone (in any form) is necessary.

This addition of Testosterone in any form has nothing to do with the tier; it means whether you are at the beginner level, intermediate or advanced level, the staking rule of adding testosterone in any form will not change.

However, in the case when the beginner is not using any other form of Testosterone then injecting Winstrol 100 mg/ week will be fine.

Using Testosterone with Winstrol rule will not change even when you are opting for post cycle therapy that has the sole purpose to bring back the testosterone levels back to normal.

Moreover, using Winstrol dosage translates less issue of water retention and better hardening physique.

Intermediate Dosage Range:

For an intermediate user, a dosage range of 100 mg every other day would be more than enough. It means weekly around 400 mg Stanozolol.

Advanced Dosage Range:

There is not much change here in terms of potency; Advance users also use the same 400 mg per week mark due to the fact that frequent administration of injections is rather painful as compared to the other anabolic steroids.

Winstrol is water-based, so it does make sense why its administration is painful.

To have some advanced perks, advanced users usually stack Stanozolol with other stringer anabolic steroid option. They typically do not increase the ratio of Winstrol dosage, which is another smart move.

Despite the fact that all the anabolic steroids are testosterone variants, they all have some specific and restricted features to offer.

For instance, Winstrol does not have much to offer when it comes to bulking cycles (it is inflexible and restrictive in that area).

Moreover, one major factor of not increasing advanced dose is Stanozolol limited nature. It has very little to offer in bulking and strength gains.

Do remember this 400 mg is not just for injectable liquid but even for oral consumption, the ratio remains the same.

It means that around 60 mg daily oral dose.

Furthermore, lowering down Winstrol dose will still work well. Taking 25 mg to 50 mg oral dose and for all tier users will just do fine.

User behavior:

Most of the users who are inclined toward Winstrol.

They prefer Winstrol over other anabolic steroids are usually those users who utilize it for fat loss or cutting cycles. When this is the case, the dose remains on the lower end (50 mg every alternate day or roughly 200 mg per week.

This is a general rule of thumb for all the anabolic steroids. 

Mainly, it is because most of the people assume that steroids act as fat burners.

However, the reality is another way around, the use of anabolic steroid is there just to preserve muscles, and the fat loss takes place due to the calorie deficit of the user.

It is true regarding muscle retention because when the body is on a calorie deficit, it tends to lose muscle mass as well.

Using steroids in a fat loss cycle can at least retain those deteriorating muscles.

Winstrol Dosage for Women

As far as Winstrol dosage for women is concerned, the data to evaluate the details is very limited.

The good and noticeable part is Winstrol is one of the most favorable and likable steroids among all female bodybuilders and athletes. 

It has a very mild androgenic strength rating (this is the core reason).

Oral Stanozolol dose is somewhere 5 mg to 10 mg daily. The Winstrol cycle length is around four weeks to 6 weeks afterward the risks of virilization tend to increase.

Additionally, injectable administration for female users is suggestible due to lack of regulation of blood plasma, timing, and schedules.

However, interested users; the injectable administration, Winstrol dose for women range 15 mg every alternate day approximately 60 mg/week.


Female athletes should not go for an injection preparation method

Medical Winstrol Dosages:

Therapeutic use of oral Winstrol dose per day is around 6 mg.

Even further division of this ration is mandatory throughout the day.

Therefore, 2 mg dose in the form of tablet/ pill. Moreover, injectable medical use prescribes 50 mg injectable method every 2nd or 3rd week.

The duration of oral consumption should be no longer than six weeks to 8 weeks.

Timing of Winstrol dosage:

Oral style of Winstrol has a 9 hour in terms of half-life.

On the other side, Injectable Winstrol has 24 hours in terms of half-life.

Consuming Winstrol once a day in terms of oral pills is no problem at all. However, splitting the oral dose at least twice a day is usually the norm.

Moreover, in the case of injectable Winstrol administration, people usually go for alternate day method instead of injecting it every day.

Wrap up

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Your expectations from Winstrol dose:

Winstrol will not alter into estrogen. Therefore, it does not offer any estrogen activity either.

The Stanozolol end result consists of

  • Quality lean mass
  • Hard muscles
  • No water retention
  • No aromatization (thus, no additional use of aromatase inhibitor)

However, gains and strengths are not dramatic.

Yes, they are significant enough when the appropriate nutrition and training sessions are in place.

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