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Winstrol Side Effects – 5 Major Side Effects of Winstrol

Ever seen bodybuilder’s daily schedule and workout routine? Well, building your body is not an easy task which you can achieve in only some days.

It requires a hand full of courage, stamina, time and protein intake for the extreme gains. Many fitness freaks and bodybuilders prefer Winstrol for making their muscles rigid and bigger in size.

side effects of Winstrol
Winstrol (Stanozolol) Side Effects for Men and Women

The formula is so much trusted by bodybuilders that many people skipped the side effects part.

Winstrol can be safer in people’s view, but it’s not in real. Every steroid has a list of side effects which a person gets after using it for a long time period.

Like others, Winstrol also got some pretty serious side effects that can destroy your bodybuilding career in a blink.


Winstrol, too many people called Stanozolol is a precursor of Dihydrotestosterone which is an androgen steroid.

Stanozolol steroids
Winsol – Winstrol Alternative

The formula of this chemical compound was first derived in 1962 after which it was abused by many people mainly from the bodybuilding field.

Currently the substance is not being marketed in the US and in many countries but still, it has a significant impact on bodybuilders for its potent effects.

It is available in both injectable and oral form.

There are some remarkable effects of Winstrol because of which the steroid become so much famous amongst the bodybuilding community.

Many athletes required highest endurance level, which they can only get from Winstrol, the formula inside increases endurance level of your muscles and promote lean muscle mass development.

Winstrol is usually taken with stacks because the substance is not sufficient alone during bulking. But it can elevate the effect of other steroids taken with it.

Despite some critical side effects, Winstrol is still available in many countries where it is only prescribed for the patients with the serious medical illness.

Winstrol is recommended for patients with Angioedema and Anemia, the dose of the oral drug is 2 mg TID (three times a day) and the dose for injection is 50 mg 3 times a week.

When using illegally bodybuilders takes about 100 mg of Winstrol dose via injection, which is almost a lethal dose. When the dose is more increased user may expect some negative outcomes.

There are many side effects associated with Winstrol use, but some of the serious ones are mentioned below.

1. Damage to Liver

The liver metabolizes almost everything in our system before they enter the bloodstream.

Winstrol belongs to the class of steroids which are commonly known as C-17 Alpha Alkylated, such steroids passes twice from our system and every time it passes from the liver, it damages the liver cells.

Oral Winstrol doses are much more toxic to the liver than injections, whereas injection also harms the liver by putting extra pressure on it.

When your hepatic functions are compromised there is a chance your body will enter another realm of diseases.

2. Abnormal Blood Cholesterol Level

Detect and Correct High Cholesterol Levels
cholesterol in the blood

Hypercholesterolemia is mainly caused because of the excessive LDL level. Our blood gets cholesterol in two different forms, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and LDL (low-density lipoprotein).

HDL is considered good for our health and body, whereas a high level of LDL, often gives rise to conditions like Hypertension, Myocardial infarction, and other heart-related conditions.

Winstrol is known to increase the level of LDL in our system which is certainly bad for our heart.

Taking Winstrol injection is too much toxic for the heart than taking in oral form.

3. Virilization in Females

Many females who took Winstrol injections in higher doses had begun to experience male characteristic like deep, husky voice, development of facial and body hair and clitoris shrinkage.

This may also affect their menstrual cycle and the size of their breast.

Any woman who is married and has a happy sexual life must not use Winstrol because it will only put your life in jeopardy.

4. Major Drop in SHBG

Free Testosterone Uncaged
Hypothetical picture regarding cause

For those who don’t know, Sex hormone binding globulin is a type of protein which carries and maintains the rate of sex hormones in our body such as Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, and estrogen.

Now, upon winstrol consumption, you will definitely affect the amount of SHBG which indirectly lower the count of t-level.

Testosterone is a mandatory male sex hormone which is also required by men in so many things.

Lack of this particular binding protein can impact on Testosterone level where it can cause erectile dysfunction with loss of libido in men and conditions like lethargy, drowsiness, muscle fatigue and so on.

5. You Don’t Know What You’re Taking

Winstrol has earned millions of cash from its manufacturers and suppliers. But again, there are steroids available in the black market which have underground labs as sources.

In there, you will not find any FDA approved facility neither sterile equipment where your drug is being cooked.

winstrol before and after
Winstrol Results

We cannot trust if the dose we are taking is really what it says on the label, CIA investigations of underground steroid facilities shows us that there’s a possibility you are taking dose 100 times higher than the normal one.

With this much quantity in your system,  not only your liver suffers, but your heart might suddenly stop.

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Winstrol is not a natural drug, but a synthetic steroid which only gives you temporary looks.

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